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Let us take care of your most important resources. Your employees are paramount to the success of your company. When you use our company you can be sure all of your Human Resources needs are met from training to workers’ compensation. We can do it all.

A Comprehensive Approach

When you use us, you can be sure that you are getting the best qualified candidates to fill your job openings. We offer our employees development and training programs to ensure that they meet the high standards for employment which you demand from your hirees.
To ensure that you get the most out of our employees we also have a rigorous performance appraisal and discipline program. This program allows us to to give expert advice in HR and employee relations issues and how and when to conduct disciplinary action.

Utilize our wide range of Human Resources Services

New Employee Hiring Process

  • Provide guidance & training on appropriate hiring process.
  • Assist with setting up background checks, drug &/or medical screening, personality testing, etc.
  • Assist in developing new employee files that contain all of the paperwork necessary to process your new hires such as a new employee checklist, employment contract/offer letter, employment application, employer property return agreement, direct deposit authorization, employee timesheet, I-9, W-4, safety handbook, EDD pamphlets, workers’ comp pamphlet, sexual harassment information sheet, etc.

Employee Handbook & Job Descriptions

  • Development, implementation, & maintenance of an Employee Handbook that accurately reflect your company’s policy & practices
  • Assist in presentation of new policies to your staff, train them where necessary, & help answer their questions
  • Assist in drafting customized job description, primary job duties, collateral duties, skill requirements, etc.

Employees’ Training & Development

  • Develop training programs that give employees the information that they need to efficiently meet job requirements
  • Develop training programs for employees who require formal training to comply with Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), Food & Drug Administration (ADA), &/or Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations
  • Maintain training records & verify that the employee understands the material & is competent in the training provided

Workplace Safety Training

  • Host on-site safety training programs and workshops for employees, supervisors, managers, & owners to help lower work-related injuries
  • OSHA compliance training

Workers’ Compensation Administration

  • Managing claims & provide monthly analysis & reporting
  • Compliance with OSHA & statutory reporting requirements
  • Properly review claims & ensure accurate underwriting
  • Manage timely closing of claims
  • Monitor return to work for modified duty

Benefit Administration

  • Distribute materials for benefit orientations, open enrollment & summary plan descriptions
  • Conduct presentations when necessary
  • Employee benefit enrollment meetings & plan implementation
  • Provide training and assistance with employee questions & claims processing
  • Maintenance of employee benefit records
  • Billing reconciliation & vendor liaison
  • Perform plan audits
  • Provide regular benefit reports
  • Forecast trends & assist with future benefit designs; develop specific recommendations for review by management
  • Complete 401k Retirement Plan & Cobra administration

Leave Administration

  • Review, educate, & provide guidance to staff regarding current Federal Family & Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
  • Provide required leave paperwork to employees
  • Maintenance of leave records
  • Prepare appropriate documentation & correspondence for all leave of absence requests with government timelines
  • Analyze leave paperwork & supporting medical documentation
  • Act as the liaison with employees & managers to ensure that questions, concerns, changes/updates for leave are communicated accordingly
  • Maintain & follow all changes to Federal regulations pertaining to the Family & Medical Leave Act

Performance Appraisals, Discipline, & Terminations

  • Expert advice in HR & employee relations issues, how & when to conduct discipline, protecting at-will status
  • Assist in developing progressive discipline policies, conducting probationary reviews, annual performance appraisals, disciplinary meetings or terminations
  • Assist in developing required documentation, severance, separation agreements, etc.

Credentialing Criteria Review

  • Define those employees that require credentialing & recredentialing
  • Describe & explain the general credentialing process to employees where necessary
  • Initial check and periodic recheck of credentials per company policy
  • Perform annual & periodical review & audit

Review & Maintenance of Personnel Files

  • Ensure confidentiality of personnel information
  • Maintenance of personnel records
  • I-9 management
  • Medical/benefits records management
  • Payroll records management
  • Workers’ compensation & OSHA records management

If you have any questions about human resources management, call us at (808) 877-6555 or complete our online form today.

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