small business of the year award

Congratulations to Cody Clark of Climbing HI LLC!

We would like to give a big CONGRATULATIONS to Cody Clark of ClimbingHI LLC for winning the Small Business Of the Year Award at the Mayor’s Small Business Awards ceremony on Tuesday December 8, 2020. Cody Clark was nominated by Employers Options. ClimbingHI has been working with Employers Options for many years.

ClimbingHI, throughout 2020, has thrived due to new creative marketing strategies and the vast network of clients that Cody has served over the past decade working on Maui and Lana’i. ClimbingHI has a great relationship with the county of Maui arborist and other public officials to make sure that parks, streets and homes are safe. ClimbingHI has also partnered with the Skyline Conservation Initiative to help remove large tracts of dying invasive eucalyptus and replant with the native Hawaiian trees. In addition to their work in restoring Native Hawaiian forests, ClimbingHI donates 1% of its gross sales to planting trees globally through the Eden Reforestation Project.

Keep up the good work Cody and staff of ClimbingHI!



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