Direct Hire Permanent Placement

Employers Options is the name to trust when it comes to directly hiring an employee for a permanent placement. Call us today to learn more.

For a direct-hire our fees are 10% of the annual salary. Another option would be to use the employee as a temporary hire through our service for 480 hours, then you can hire with no additional fees.

If you would like to hire sooner than 480 hours we would prorate the 10% annual fee by the time on the job.

We offer a comprehensive replacement guarantee as insurance against an unsuccessful direct-hire. We will replace the employee with no additional fee within the first 60 days of employment. We need to be given a six week period in which to replace the employee. If we are not successful in finding a replacement we will prorate a reimbursement to you if the employee left employment within a two month period.

The replacement needs to be based on original job specifications, job description and performance criteria. Any changes will alter reimbursement offered and replacement employee appointed.

Thank you again for allowing us to assist with your employment needs.