Q: Am I eligible for benefits through Employers Options?

A: Yes, you qualify for medical benefits when you reach the required hours.  We will notify you & discuss additional options available such as dental, vision, drug, & chiropractic/massage/acupuncture. You may also qualify for a week’s paid vacation after 1,500 hours worked continuously in one year.

Q: Will I have to pay a fee to Employer Options for employment?

A. We never charge our candidate or employees a fee.  If you are offered a permanent position, we will work out all arrangements with the client (employer).

Q: When on assignment with one of Employers Options clients, who is my employer?

A. Regardless of which of Employers Options customers you work for, Employers Options is always your employer.  Your Employers Options supervisor is your contact for all work assignments or employment issues.

Q. How long does an assignment last?

A. Assignments may range in length from one day to a year or longer.  Some are simply Direct Hire Placements or Temp-to-Perm assignments where you become an employee of the client company.

Q. What if my job duties are not what Employers Options described to me?

A. Please notify your Employers Options supervisor immediately, especially if safety is a concern.

Q. When should I submit my time card?

A. The following Monday morning by 8:00am after the week worked.

Q. When can I expect to be paid?

A. Payday is every Wednesday unless you are on a contract job where the client may have made other arrangements.  We will discuss this with you when you are placed on assignment. You may pick up your check in our office, have it mailed, get direct deposit, or a pay/cash card.

Q. What is the policy if I’m unable to report to work or will be late?

A. Please notify Employers Options as soon as possible so we can contact the client.  Your assignment may be canceled if we are not notified.

Q. What should I do if I am injured while on assignment?

A. If an accident occurs & you are injured, call your Employers Options supervisor IMMEDIATELY.  Employers Options Workers Compensation Insurance will cover you.  You may go to the doctor of your choice or call the office for recommendations.  We must be notified immediately so that we can make sure you are given care & attention at a proper medical facility. It is also important to inform you supervisor on the job site.  You will be required to give an accident report.

Q. When my assignments ends what should I do?

A. Check in with your Employers Options supervisor & let them know your availability.

Q. How often should I check in for work?

A. You are welcome to call or email your Employers Options supervisor to check in as often as you like.