10 Maui Nonprofits Get Help from Locally-Owned Employment Agency

Employers Options is recognizing the hard work and contribution Maui nonprofits are making during the pandemic. Maui nonprofits are receiving 10 paid positions at no cost to help them with administrative, warehouse, landscaping, and labor through June 21, 2020.

Maui Nonprofits Working With Employers Options

This donation keeps Maui working while giving back to our nonprofits. The agencies receiving the paid positions include Aloha House, Alzheimer Foundation, Assistance Dogs of Hawaii, Feed My Sheep, Maui Academy of Performing Arts, Maui Arts and Cultural Center, Maui Economic Opportunity, Maui Food Bank, Maui Huliau Foundation, Maui Pops Orchestra!

The nonprofits are grateful for this gift as it means they can keep up with increased demand for their services. Some of the employees are volunteers who were already working at the nonprofit and some of the positions are employees from Employers Options whose skills were needed, but the nonprofits were not able to afford these positions at this time.

Feed My Sheep works with Employers Options in Kahului, Maui

Photo of Joyce Kawakami, Executive Director of Feed My Sheep and Lisa Grande, an employee at Employers Options.

“Getting food to people in need is a priority for us,” shared Joyce Kawakami, Executive Director of Feed My Sheep. “Keeping good records is a must and also a priority, but since we were so excessively busy during this crisis the record keeping had to be put on the back burner… that is until Lisa started with us.” Lisa Grande is an employee at Employers Options who was put to work helping Feed My Sheep.

“Our team needed to quickly find employees and process applications to make this happen,” explained Jennifer Brittin, owner of Employers Options. “We saw a way we could help and took action.”

For more information contact Betsy Scheller at Employers Options at betsys@eomaui.com

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